Monday, June 29, 2015

Finding, Investigators, and a New Mission President

June 29, 2105

    I am doing great!!I will be honest and say that the past five weeks have been hard with the work but this week was one of the more successful weeks I have had on my mission so far!!!   We were able to enjoy the blessings from heaven to help us see progress in the work. This Sunday we thought we weren't going to see one of our investigators at church because we called him and didn't answer. However, half way through priesthood meeting we got a call and it was him!!!! He said he wanted to come to church today but needed someone to pick him up and he came!!!! We ended up having two investigators at church this past Sunday. It was so exciting and then we had two unplanned lessons yesterday with people we have been trying to meet with for a while. It was a good day.   We have also been able to make a lot of contacts this week.
   One interesting finding story happened this week. At the end of this one day, we were finding (talking to people to find those who were interested in learning about the gospel) at 8:45 at night and usually nobody is outside but we saw one person so we went and talked to her.  We had a 15 minute conversation about the Book of Mormon on the street and she was interested.  She didn't really want the Book of Mormon but said if we see her on the streets again to go and talk to her again so I call that a success.
   The ward is good for a German ward in East Germany. The have the family history program in another ward building and I do not really know much else about family history stuff that is going on here.
   Last P-day we ate cookies and kinda stayed at the church.  I played piano a little bit and we usually have our email time at the church now with our iPads.  I am liking the food here and you asked about some of my favorites.  A few foods I remember are Berliner (dessert), Knödel (main dish really good especially with small muchrooms), Snitzel(german iconic thing), and that is all I can think of right now. And the kraut has never tasted better.

    I think President Kosak has been a great mission president and you can just feel his love when he talks with someone. He isn't afraid of chastising a missionary but at the same time he would rather work with the missionary than send them home. We have zone conference next week to meet our new mission president.  (Mom note—The Germany Berlin mission will be getting a new mission president this Wednesday, July 1, 2015. President Kosak and his wife have served as for the last 3 years.  If you want to see more about the mission, they have had a blog for the last three years at  One of my favorite blog posts is on  There are pictures from a mission conference and there is a video clip at the end with all the missionaries singing.

    We do not really celebrate 4th of July here but we will do something in the companionship so we can still feel a little American.

    Right now, I am studying the Book of Mormon and how scriptures relate to missionary work and it is really interesting.  This week’s scripture is from the Bible-- 1 Peter 4:8 footnote included "And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity preventeth the multitude of sins."

    Quote for the week Gordon B. Hinckley "The woman you marry is taking a terrible chance on you." I heard that this week and thought it was funny and since I won't be thinking about marriage for a while I do not find it insulting.

    I hope you have a good week and I love the pictures you are sending. Do you have any more stories from grandma and grandpa about their parents? Those are fun to read. I hope you have a good week and keep cool in the hot weather. I love you and I am thankful for how much you have helped me in my life and how much you care about me
Love you!!

Elder Fisher

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