Monday, May 23, 2016

Germany's Weather, Service Projects for Spring, and Pictures of things in Germany

"Largest German backyard I've seen" wrote Elder Fisher
May 16, 2016

   Summer kicked in this past month but then the winter wanted to stay a few more days and then it will be spring in a few days again. The weather in Germany cannot make up its mind, I think it is just about the craziest thing there is.

   Sounds like you had a full week over there, I feel like our week was pretty full as well. We had a couple service projects again and we also were able to find a few contacts as well. For our service projects this past week, we worked in a garden putting new dirt in and we also worked cutting wood for someone in the ward to help get them ready for the coming winter. I love working with my hands and being outdoors working, I think that is a good general idea to lead me into my future career.

A view that a member of their ward shared with
Elder Fisher and his companion
   Transfer day is on June 1st so I find out about next transfer on May 28th so I will find out if I’m staying in Minden or going on to another place.  Minden is about the size of W_______, without a big city right next to it. There is a lot to do with bread in Minden for whatever reason, I do not know why, but a few people in the ward work for a bread factory place here in town.

   My favorite way to meet people is through going by on old investigators and seeing if they have interest in meeting with us, and then dooring around where they live.
I studied from the Bible this week from the stories of Job and that was good to read. We also read through teachings of the prophet George Albert Smith as a companionship together and that is also pretty interesting.

Part of a WWI and WWII memorial in Petershagen.
   The last couple days have been the Pentecost celebration here in Germany so it has been a little bit quieter and my favorite people to visit this past week was a part member family that invited us over for because of the German holiday today and that is why I am writing later than usual. I get along with them very well and enjoy spending time with them. It was a really good eating appointment too, I enjoyed the food a lot and the desserts were spot on as well.

   Scripture of the week: Job 40:6 “Then answered the Lord unto Job out of the whirlwind, and said, “Gird up thy loins now like a man: I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me.”

Quote of the week "My mission means everything to me!!!" Jeffrey R. Holland

That is about all I have for this week, but want to say that I love you and that I pray for you guys everyday too!

Another picture of the WWI and WWII memorial in Petershagen.


Elder Spencer Fisher

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