Monday, September 14, 2015

Staying in Bad Bentheim, New Companion, and Cars/Bikes

September 14, 2015

   I am staying in the Bad Bentheim branch and my companion is leaving to go to the border near Poland (in eastern Germany). My new companion is transferring from Hamburg and was in the same arrival group as my trainer, Elder Gerlach. I am really excited to work with him.  It sounds like my new companion really wants to work and wants to be here so I am really glad.  

   You asked about a companion exchange: A companion exchange is when we work with another companion for 24 hours. It is fun and it gives us a chance to talk with other people and to work with someone else for a day.

   Members do help with the lessons and we go with the members if we want them to--I think that the members in the ward are really good at helping us and actually doing missionary work. I wasn't able to really teach any discussion a this week but I was able to teach someone about eternal marriage. The Sunday School lesson is going to be something from the month of September and we are teaching it next week, I am going to discuss it with my next companion.

   I think that the biggest thing I have been focusing on this past month is acting on impressions from the Holy Ghost and recognizing those promptings as well. I really tried focusing on the spirit a lot this past transfer and tried to just really focus on becoming a man of faith.

   We use the car everyday but try to use our bikes when we work in our city. There are a lot of McDonalds and KFC in the west so we tend to eat there quite a bit.

   It was great to hear about BYU winning their first 2 football games of the season --that is good for BYU but it is kinda weird to think that college football started and I didn't even notice.

Scripture for the week is Mormon 1:1 and the quote for the week is "some of those people are spare tires and some of them are flat tires"

Love you mom & dad and hope that you have a good week!! and that you can keep cool too!!


Elder Fisher

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