Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Interviews, Tender Mercies, and Pictures!!

August 31, 2015

Elder Fisher!!!
 I am doing good.  I figured that you went to Sequoia from the pictures you sent but the smoke in the air doesn't sound to fun (there has been a forest fire going since July 31, 2015). Sounds like you got all your nature sightseeing done between the bears, deer, and trees. It will be interesting to go back to Sequoia and see actual mountains again and to listen for any people speaking German because I think a lot of people from France and Germany go there to visit (mom note: there are a lot of tourists from Europe when we visit). However, I prefer that I am on a mission too, than to be in Sequoia, because I can't teach trees the gospel!

Elder Rosenvall--his companion
   I haven't fixed the picture situation but I am working on it. I will check the technology store next to my apartment next Pday because we are kinda busy today. (mom note: this was fixed because there were pictures sent later in the day!)

   This past week I had my first interview with Präsident Fingerle and that was interesting and he is totally different from Präsident Kosak. It is literally a world of difference. It was good because I got to know him a little bit better and he got to know me a little bit better. You asked what a mission tour is-- A mission tour is when a general authority comes and teaches at a zone conference. It is cool.

Elder Fisher called this "the classic missionary
nametag picture"
 When we teach Sunday school (Sunday School is only on the 3
rd Sunday), the members decide whether or not they will study the other lessons but we usually just pick a lesson and teach it to the 2 active youth in the ward.  When we play basketball on Friday, we wear our P-day clothes but still wear our name tags and we still talk to people about our church. Every week I answer someone’s questions about the church.

   I haven't heard anything about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir touring Europe (summer of 2016) but that is cool that they are doing that.

A view from his apartment in Rheine Germany
 I have seen tender mercies from the Lord on my mission, one is when a companion and I do not do a good job teaching a part of the church's history or a lesson. The investigator later does find the truth for themselves and still thinks that we are great teachers (sometimes it is hard to agree with that). It is a tender mercy for others and myself because others find the truth that they are looking for and I do not lose the opportunity to teach someone about the Great Plan of Happiness because of a mistake I made while teaching another lesson or when I didn't answer a question quite as good or directly as I should have.

Sunset from his apartment in Rheine, Gemrnay
   My favorite thing to study this month has been "how to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ".  It was a very interesting topic to study and helped me realize that I can do a lot more to become a disciple myself.

   I love you mom and dad and I hope that you have a good week and that you have fun with all the things you are going to do this week.

Love you and hope for the best.

Elder Fisher

(mom note: if you would like to know more about starting your family history or about temples, please visit Family History at Mormon.org or Temples at LDS.org

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