Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Being Multi-Cultural in Germany, Fall Arrives, and Missing American Chocolate

September 7, 2015

   The season is definitely changing here but the weather just kinda dropped 10 degrees so the leaves are just going to falling off and not change colors. I will take pictures of the tress in fall and send them to you. I now have a lighter rain jacket to wear right now because it rains a lot but isn't cold enough for my winter jacket. 

   I haven't really gone sightseeing since I have been here but we might see a castle next P-day that is down the street from the church.  I am taking more pictures than I am sending because it takes time to upload pictures to the computer and I have a lot of pictures. I also write down names of other missionaries in my journal.  There is this thing called a tschüss book (this literally translates to “bye book”) in the German missions—each missionary has one and as they leave an area, other missionaries in missionary’s distrikt or companionship write a note and put pictures in the book. It is hard to explain but I will have a good example to show in 2 years.

   My companion is really into fishing so we talk about different places to go fishing in Idaho, Utah, and California (that I know of)--he is really loves catching catfish and bass.  Transfers are next week and we both think that Elder Rosenvall might leave because he has been here for 4 transfers already and that is a pretty long time in a small area to stay in the same spot but we will see what happens.

   In Germany, we teach both immigrants and Germans but I would say mostly immigrants though. We have heard a lot about the Syrian immigration happening and I have met a lot of people that are actually immigrating into the country from other places too. They are really nice people but a lot are Muslims so they are pretty religious and don’t really want to hear about the gospel.

   We have a really multi-cultural branch so when we eat at member’s homes, we will have Dominican Republic food one day, German food the next day, Russian food another, and Dutch food another day. It is completely different from the eastern German way of cooking of only German food.  This week we found a store that has Reese’s peanut butter cups and has a small American section of the store where you can buy Pop Tarts, A-1 sauce, Jack Link's beef jerky, and other stuff but it is like 3-4 dollars more than it would be in America. I’m glad you got European chocolate at the candy store but I get real European chocolate every week so that doesn't sound like such a crazy thing for me anymore--but American chocolate sounds cool.

   Today I met a kontakt guy that I hadn't met before and my companion said hi to him.  My companion started asking about how the guy was doing and all that. He then told us about another kontakt we have been trying to get a hold of who had gotten married and moved somewhere else so that was good to know and find out.

   Scripture for the week is 3 Nephi 11 when Christ comes--I love this chapter so I just chose the whole thing.

   I do not have any crazy stories from the week but it has been a good week.  I hope that you are having fun and that you are keeping busy. Love you lots.


Elder Fisher

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