Monday, August 29, 2016

Loving Lauenburg, Studying in German, and Meeting a Member from the Ukraine

August 29, 2016

   The area I am in is the Hamburg Zone for the Germany Berlin Mission but it is not part of the state of Hamburg. I am in Schleswig-Holstein which is the state right under Denmark! (mom note: Elder Fisher’s dad served a mission in Denmark)

   We continue to have success too, I love this place. This area is different, I miss my last area but this area is probably going to get the best I could possible give because of my language and work skills I have learned on my mission until this point. I have met a lot of members, and we are trying to build a really good relationship with the members. This week we taught people, tried a few new ways to find people interested and we had fun so that is really what matters I guess. For p-day we are planning on going by on some people but for the most part we are just going to chill.

   Yesterday going to church we were sitting in Sacrament meeting and a man walks in that can't speak German and we started translating for him and we got talking with him about who he is. He has been a member for 3 years now and is from Ukraine and he couldn't find the church for a month so he decided to start praying, and after a month of prayer, yesterday he had the feeling to get on his bike and start riding it to Lauenburg, then he had the feeling to turn right on the street where the church is!! It was such a big testimony builder that God does answer prayers in miraculous ways.

   My companion and I have a lot of things common, we like food a lot, his birthday is in November, he is my first companion (age wise) younger than me and it is only by five days too, we both like to work a lot, and we want to change the area for the better. He graduated from high school and worked before the mission. My new companion does cook, and very well, we enjoy food a lot, but we do not over eat ever. I was telling my companion this week about Blue Hills nursery and the wall of root beer, it was something I haven't really thought about since home I think.

   I don’t have anyone in this district that was in a former district, but my companion was trained by a person in my MTC district. We are on bikes every single day, I feel like I have saddle sores from being on the bikes so much.

   Last week, the Greek food was gyros fries a salad and a Greek sauce. Mama Baumgartel made us sweet and sour sauce with ground beef over noodles also very good. Yesterday we ate at a person’s farm and we had very German food, rot kohl, potatoes, and brat wurst. It was sssooo good.

   This past week, I studied how to become a better teacher in Preach my Gospel this week and it was really good and also studied the part of the Book of Mormon when the wars are starting, I read a little slower now, because I just read everything in German, I understand it all, it just goes a little slower.

   Scripture of the week: Alma 44:1 “And it came to pass that they did stop and withdrew a pace from them. And Moroni said unto Zerahemnah: Behold, Zerahemnah, that we do not desire to be men of blood. Ye know that ye are in our hands, yet we do not desire to slay you.

   Quote of the week: "the laughter of the world is loneliness pathetically trying to reassure itself" Neal A. Maxwell

Love you and hope that you have a good week!

Elder Spencer Fisher

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