Thursday, July 28, 2016

Safety Guidelines, Summer in Germany, Freiberg Temple Open House

July 25, 2016

   It has been hot here the past few days as well, finally, the middle of July and we are finally getting our summer for like a month!  It is also summer vacation right now in Germany, so a lot of people are out of town.

   Yes, I have heard about the terrorist attacks that have been happening recently in Germany as well, I know it is scary but I feel comforted by the Lord that I will be okay, and besides that, there is always terrorism in the world somewhere, sometimes it is a little closer than other times.

   This week like I said it was pretty hot, but we had a few appointments that we got to participate in, we also have another new investigator who is a younger mother and her son is pretty energetic. We also went to an eating appointment and they have bumble bees that live underneath their porch, and I thought that was really cool. I think I might want to keep bees in the future. (mom note: this is interesting because at one time he really didn’t like bees because he was constantly getting stung)

   We had Zone Training Meeting this past week and it was good, the president doesn't come to all of the Zone Training Meetings, but he does come to all of the Zone Conferences. We had to travel about an hour with train. I think there are about 10 or so zones in the mission.

Questions and answers:

1) What are the safety guidelines the missionaries have for keeping safe? (mom note: The mission president sent an e-mail to all the parents on July 19th after the train attack in Germany and told us he had reminded all the missionaries)  The safety guidelines have to do with teaching people from certain countries, or being inside at 9 at night or 9:30 if we have an appointment, being obedient, and stuff like that. Pretty much the guideline is to be smart. 

2)  Does Minden have a lot of apartment buildings? or mostly houses?  So everywhere in Germany has a lot of apartment buildings compared to America, but Minden does have many house as well.

3)  When you have district p-day, do you have lunch together?  do you pack a lunch or buy lunch?  Today we went for a 10 kilometer hike, I will probably send pictures next week when we have more time. We usually eat lunch together.

4)  Have you noticed if your teaching style is the same as when you arrived on your mission or has it changed as you have become more comfortable in teaching?  My teaching has, of course, gotten better, but my style is my style and I shouldn't really change it, because that is me and that is how I will connect with certain people.

5)  Did they feed you for zone conference?  This was a zone training meeting, not a zone conference. We had to feed ourselves.

6)  I saw that the Freiberg temple Open House start next month and that the re-dedication will happen in September....will they have a satellite system set up so people can watch who aren't close to the temple?  Yes, we get to watch it through satellite transmission, we even get a special temple recommend for it. (Frieberg Open House and Dedication)

   Scripture of the week:  Alma 17:35  “Therefore they did not fear Ammon, for they supposed that one of their men could slay him according to their pleasure, for they knew not that the Lord had promised Mosiah that he would deliver his sons out of their hands; neither did they know anything concerning the Lord; therefore they delighted in the destruction of their brethren; and for this cause they stood to scatter the flocks of the king.”

Quote of the week "come what may and love it" Joseph B. Worthlin

   Well I hope that you have a great next week and enjoy the last week in July! I cannot believe that it is already here!! Time flies I guess. Love you and wish you the best.


Elder Spencer Fisher

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