Friday, December 18, 2015

Braunschweig and Meeting Sister W's brother and his family

December 14, 2015
   It is raining in Southern California!  Wow. I think I have experienced more rainy days here (in Germany) than I ever had in California in my whole life. It doesn't rain as much as it did in my last area (Bad Bentheim) but does rain quite a bit still.
   Everything is all hunky dory. It is really good and it will be a fun time in this area. I traveled by train to my new city alone (Braunschweig). Elder Westbury stayed in Bad Bentheim and he is training a new elder. My new companion’s name is Elder Gunther.  He’s been out about 15 months out and he is from American Fork, Utah. We are the only 2 in the apartment. The new apartment is really big, and really nice. We are part of a 4 man district. We mostly work in the city but we do go out to the smaller towns too because our area is huge, The work in the area is kind of slow right now, but my companion and I just want to work hard so it will be changed around in a few weeks hopefully. There is a lot of potential in the city and it did used to have 3 missionary programs here, too, so it could easily have a second missionary program here easily.
   The first person I met here (after my companion) was the ward mission leader the next day.  Our ward does not have any senior missionary couples but there are some YSA in the ward.  I didn't give my testimony the first Sunday I was in my new ward--not sure why but I am sure I will have the chance within the next few weeks to give it.
   Anyways, it was a good week we found a new investigator that came to the Christmas party and she also came to all three hours of church too! It was pretty cool.
   Yes…German people decorate their homes but because there are so many apartments the people do not go all out like they do in America.
   For Christmas, we will be at Sister W.’s brother’s home for Christmas--nothing too crazy I guess, just eating at a person's house whose sister is in our stake. He grew up in La Mirada for a little bit so him and I have talked about good ole Whittier a little bit. (mom note: We got an e-mail from Sister W. and were amazed that Elder Fisher was in the same ward as her brother..and it's nice to know that he and his companion will have a Christmas dinner with a family from his ward).
   Scripture for the week Alma 15:12"And Alma baptized Zeezrom unto the Lord; and he began from that time forth to preach unto the people."
   Quote of the week "my life is like my shoes, worn out in the service of the Lord"-President Spencer W. Kimball
   I hope you all have a good week and love you all. I will know the time I will skype for sure next week.

Elder Spencer Fisher

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