Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and General Conference

April 6, 2015

    We were able to watch the morning sessions live in the church but the other sessions had to wait until later to be watched. We watch the all the sessions the same weekend except for Sunday afternoon. We had an investigator come for one hour of conference on Saturday night to watch the Saturday morning session.
   We had Easter dinner at the Bishop’s house but here in Germany the Friday before and the Monday after are both holidays. On the Friday before Easter, we ate at the Bishop’s mother-in-law´s house.  By the way, she is sending you pictures of me, I do not know when though. Today (Monday) we are eating at another member’s house.
Halle district
    Besides having like 3 meals in one week with the members, there aren`t too many crazy stories except the weather here has been crazy like it snowed this past week but the snow is all gone now. I guess we got a lot of weather from the Hurricane Nicholas I think it was so because there was a lot of wind and rain this week and that made the work really fun.
   As for Halle, I have really only seen the chocolate factory which there will be pictures next week from that. The city I am in has a lot of people from countries in Africa but also a lot of Germans so our city is pretty diverse but I heard it depends on the area I am in how many people from other cultures there are.
The Leipzig Zone (April 2015)
Picture from the mission blog
   I haven´t gotten the envelope or package yet but I did get a letter from grandpa last week. We have a mission wide conference on the 24th of April this month so I will check when I am in Berlin because they might give mail out.  If not, I have zone conference the week after so I can get my mail there too.
    This week has been good. My first transfer in Germany is officially over and I find that hard to believe (the transfer period is six weeks). Everyone in my district is staying except for one sister who is going to the Hannover zone. We have had the opportunity of doing a lot of finding this week but not as much as others because we had a lot of meetings this week and had to be at them and it took time out of our schedule. We have a senior couple in our zone but there are in Leipzig so we only see them when we have the zone stuff. We have call-ins with the district leader every night and the zone leaders do not really call us unless they feel like they need to call us. 
    Scripture for the week Alma 29: 1  "O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people!"
I think this expresses what the missionaries should desire when serving their mission-- that they could cry to every person repentance so they can partake of salvation and be able to praise God.
Elder Fisher

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