Monday, April 20, 2015

Hymns in German, Choir, and Personal Study

April 20, 2015

   I am doing good here in good old Germany, but I am starting to think that it will never really warm up here. (mom note: the weather seems to be staying below 70 every day) We went finding this week for a lot of the time and did a lot of area book work to get ready for next week.  Nothing too exciting happened this week but I did go on companion exchange this week and that is always fun.

   We ate at a member's house yesterday that said missionary eating appointments on Sunday are like the story of Joseph of Egypt, there is seven years of plenty and then drought until next Sunday. I thought it was pretty funny.

   In Halle, we have two hours of church on Sunday and the church just rents space in a building. The hymns we sing are the same ones that we sing in English but they have been translated into German.  I think a lot of the hymns in German are better because of the wording no offence to the English hymn book it is still great but German is a little bit better. I have not had to play the piano in church but my companion does have to in priesthood session quite a bit. The ward choir sings about once every three or four months and the choir sang for our ward conference this last week.

   For the weekly Seminary class on Wednesday, there is a teacher that usually teaches it but the missionaries make up half the class or the whole class most of the time.

   We serve in the community each week and our normal weekly service at the soup kitchen near where we live.  The sisters serve there too but on a different day.

   For personal study, I read a chapter from the Book of Mormon in German a day, then I read a few pages from the book of Mormon in English while highlighting and marking scriptures that relate to missionary work in a copy of the Book of Mormon I bought in the MTC.

   When we start teaching someone new, we usually start with the restoration but we always let the Spirit guide in the lessons.

   Scripture for the week is from Alma 43: 1  "And now it came to pass that the sons of Alma did go forth among the people, to declare the word unto them. And Alma, also, himself, could not rest, and he also went forth."
This is so great because after Alma's sons left on their missions he couldn't rest from doing the Lord's work either.

Love ya mom & dad

Elder Fisher

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