Saturday, April 9, 2016

General Conference, Service, and Bike Riding

The missionaries in Elder Fisher's district
April 4, 2016

   It feels like spring for sure in Minden but it is supposed to cool off for a few days here soon and then warm up again. The weather here in Germany is crazy I tell you.

   The work is slow but we are working, I feel like every day on my mission it has gotten easier to get out the door and go and do missionary work.

The decorated Easter egg trees Elder Fisher mentioned
in last week's letter
   Last week, for Easter, we ate with a family in the ward and we ate a lot. They gave us soup, salad, lasagna, ice cream, and a cake too! I didn't eat dinner that night or breakfast the next morning I was so full.

   Well I hoped that your cinnamon rolls that you got for General Conference tasted good (I do not remember what they really taste like) I have been enjoying German pastries the whole weekend!

He said this was "something cool looking"
Elder Hunt and Elder Fisher
   I really liked this past conference. We watched conference in English because it is always better to hear it in one’s native tongue. We watched conference in a neighboring ward building in Stadthagen and spent the night with the elders over there because we would have gotten home pretty late if we came home that same night. For the Sunday morning session of General Conference, which is on from 1800-2000 (6-8 pm) here we watched it at our branch president’s house because we caught a ride home with him from Stadthagen—he had come for the sessions that we watched on Sunday morning at that building. We still need to watch the last session of conference but the rest of conference up to where I have watched has been really good and I enjoyed it a lot. I liked the talk from Elder Mervyn B. Arnold about less active work or that is what I understood it to be about that. We will be watching the last session of conference that next week in church as far as I heard.

   The bike riding is going good, I do not think that my companion enjoys it as much as I do, but I enjoy it a lot more than walking everywhere. We usually just ride our bikes [instead of taking them on a bus] because taking our bikes on a bus costs extra money and it is not that much more time effective.

   We went to this one small town this week planning to go by on old investigators and we ended up hiking up this huge hill and once we got to the top it was just farms and we had a view of the whole valley below us, it was cool to see.

   I have seen a few boats here in this city because there is a big canal that goes through this city and a lot of boats that use it.

   My favorite thing to do for service on my mission is to do yard work, because it is outdoors, you can get your hands dirty, and you can wear normal clothes as well.

   If I had some time after my mission before I had to leave for school I would probably try to get more into wood working to but since I am leaving right away I want to do wood carving because I can do that just about anywhere with any block of wood.

   Quote of the week: "murmuring is the scriptural equivalent of childish whining."(Elder Renlund)

   I am keeping dry and enjoying my time. Love you and hope that you have a wonderful week and hope you can enjoy April too.


Elder Spencer Fisher

At the Stadthagen church building watching General Conference
(missionary selfies are the best!!)

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