Monday, November 2, 2015

Loving the Bad Bentheim, the Food Channel helped teach cooking, and Senior Missionaries

November 2, 2015
Elder Fisher called this his "cannon selfie"
at Burg Bentheim castle

   This week was pretty good and we are really getting along in the companionship still.  I still love the area and would love to stay here for Christmas and I would also be here for my year mark as well so that would be cool. I usually get to know everyone in the ward pretty fast but it is hard for the members to get to know the missionaries. However, I feel like the Bad Bentheim ward knows me pretty well--this area is probably my favorite so far and the ward really trusts me so it is really good. We do have a primary program here--we have about 15 kids in the program and that is really big for a small German ward/branch.

   There are about 25 towns in the Bad Bentheim branch area, but the big ones are Rheine, Schüttorf, Nordhorn, Ahaus, Lingen, Bad Bentheim, Ochtrup, and Gronau. In our area there are not too many refugees—I’m sure there are more than I know about but I don’t know where they are living or where Germany is sending them to.

...and he called this the "double cannon selfie"
at Burg Bentheim Castle
   There are six missionaries in my district, us in Bad Bentheim and 4 in Osnabrück.  We had a senior couple serving in our zone but they just went home. The senior missionaries usually work with the YSA in the stake and they help the missionaries, they inspect the missionaries’ apartments, they help the mission run from a different side of things. Their job is not too similar to what we (I mean finding and dooring and stuff like that) they also try to help the elders in any way they can.

   This past week, my companion and I met a Catholic deacon that talked with us for like 15 minutes and he said he has a lot of respect for us doing something like a mission at this time in our lives.

   Halloween here is just an excuse to party so the missionaries had to be inside at 6:00 p.m.  So on Halloween night, we stayed inside and talked for about 2 hours about important (maybe not so important) topics like music and other stuff then spent time catching up on writing in our journals for the next hour so we were somewhat enjoying Halloween plus we also had a few lessons earlier that day so I cannot complain too much.
A view from the Burg Bentheim Castle

   When it is my turn to cook, I cook pizza, Brot Wurst, bacon and eggs, french fries, country style potatoes, and a few other things. Watching the Food Channel so much before my mission really is starting to pay off.

   By the way, we actually changed the clocks a week ago! I was wondering why you didn't say anything about that last week! But yeah we changed the time a week ago, because that is when Germany did it.

   I am really happy for Z.--I am glad he found someone, it seems all the siblings are getting married about 3 years apart from each other so it looks like I will have to get married in about 2019 the way I look at it. And thanks for the considerate idea of holding up a picture of me for the wedding photos. At least I will see them sometime and since they are getting married after my year mark, I really won't have too long to wait to meet her.  
The castle's chemistry lab.

The Elder's are in the dungeon!!
   Thanks for the scripture 
you sent in my letter, I actually read that scripture this morning in personal study (Jacob 2: 18)!  My scripture of the week is: 2 Nephi 33:3 "But I, Nephi, have written what I have written, and I esteem it as of great worth, and especially unto my people. For I pray continually for them by day, and mine eyes water my pillow by night, because of them; and I cry unto my God in faith, and I know that he will hear my cry." We learn a few things here, 1) Nephi cries for his people in quite a literal way and 2) the Nephites used PILLOWS, it isn't some mind blowing doctrine but I never noticed that before and never thought that the Nephites would have used pillows.

   Quote for the week. "Don't thank me for the food, thank God that I woke up this morning and still had the ability to cook you this food." An African members of our ward at an eating appointment.

   I am having fun and hope that ya'll are going to have a good week! And have some cake and ice cream on the 4th for me!  I am super excited to be 19--finally my last year as a teenager and it will be completely spent in the service of the Lord. Then once I turn 20, I go home like 2 months after! Crazy, I have been out longer then a lot of missionaries now, but I am still younger than most of them!

Elder Spencer Fisher

Elder Fisher thought the chandelier
would be a great look for our house
A knight's armor

Elder Fisher's niece sent him a picture of herself making duck lips
Elder Fisher kindly sent one back in return

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