Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 4--All is Well at the MTC

Elder Fisher is busy at the MTC--he will leave for Germany on February 24th. 

The following is a compilation of handwritten letters and e-mails we have received.

“Dear parents,

I love you guys so much and I am so happy to have this awesome opportunity. I love it here at the MTC and I love my district and branch presidency. Sorry for not writing as much in my emails but I find it easier to write to you through letters. I think it takes a long time for letters to get places because missionaries that live in Payson say it is taking a while for their letters to get back home, like two days (mom's note—it is about 18 miles from the Provo MTC to Payson, Utah)  I hope you are getting the letters and enjoying them.

The food is starting to get a little old here but it is still food (I think). I saw Elder Nebeker a lot when he was actually here but he left for the field on Tuesday of this week. (another mom note--Elder Nebeker was Elder Fisher’s BYU-Idaho roommate and he is serving in the Florida Ft. Lauderdale mission).

The MTC had all the elders move out of the building we were staying in and into another building this morning so it has been kinda hectic. I had a good weekend and was called to serve in the position of district leader until we leave for Germany. What that means at the MTC is that I get the mail and pass it out.

The MTC is helping me a lot. As part of the training, I hold a couple of discussions a week. The "investigators" are doing good, too, and I am learning a lot by teaching people in German. I started reading the Book of Mormon in German last week and it is going well. I have done 9 chapters so far and still going strong.

I am working hard and I am almost done with the book of Acts in the New Testament. It is a very interesting book and what some of the apostles were able to do is really fascinating. The scripture of the week for me is Alma 32. It is a great chapter about faith.

My English has gone way down since I have been here and I am starting to use German rules of writing in my English writings.  Sorry if my spelling is bad but I think in half German and half English now.

I am trying to think positive. My companion is good. Twice a week my companionship and another one have an exchange for choir. The companion swap is so my companion can go to choir practice. My exchange companion is super fun and we are usually laughing when we are together. There is a sister in my zone who goes to BYU-Idaho as well.  All the sisters in the zone are really nice, but the sisters in my district are the coolest.
I love the package I got and the cookies were not stale they were delicious and all the other German elders thank you and said that the chocolate chip cookies were delicious.

Only three more weeks at the MTC.

I love you guys and hope you are having an awesome time. Love you so much and I know that God blesses our lives so much too!!

Elder Fisher

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